Vantage Appliances Inc.



Why Register?

Usually it is the customers responsibility to register their product. Rarely does the dealer, the builder, the installer or the service company undertake to register the product. At Vantage Appliances Inc. we are happy to do it for our customers. However we made need to submit proof of purchase or possession documents to verify install dates etc. Certified Wolf, Sub-Zero installers will register your product if they did the install. Just make sure they are a certified installer. You can always check your installation details by calling the factory at 1-800-222-7820.

So why register?  Valuable reason number one,  with the long warranty coverage's proving install dates etc. becomes tougher if you have warranty repair two three years down the road (Sub-Zero for example warrants sealed system parts for twelve years(Now try and find that bill of sale or possession document ten or eleven years after you have moved in)).Reason number three, the manufacture can get a hold of the customer and check on their experience. Reason number three, from time to time there may be a factory supplied upgrade for your product.