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White Film on dishes

~~Poor quality wash? White film on the glasses and the tub. Before you call out a technician check out the following globe and mail article. It is very likely not your dishwasher at fault. Sorry put your wallet away, save your self a service call. Try this before you call it should save some dinner out money. Take a large glass or mug (a good sized one, don't be shy) put that glass or mug upright on the top rack. Now load your dishwasher as you would normally. Put your soap and rinse agent in. Just before you start your dishwasher fill that glass or mug with ordinary white vinegar (again don't be shy fill it up) run the dishwasher through a full cycle. Repeat if the tub still shows signs of white film. If you are in the Calgary area you'll want to repeat this little recipe once every 2-3 weeks.

By the way we use a soap with dehydrated vinegar in it. It has reduced cleaning and gives us a much better wash on a day to day basis.