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How to get good value from your service provider.

Okay how do you know you are getting the best bang for your buck, when it comes to service? Here are few simple questions to ask yourself and your service provider.

  1. Are your technicians factory trained on the brand you own? It's a sad fact that many technicians never receive any factory training or worse won't go a factory training seminar when it's offered. In fact are they trained or certified by a post secondary school or government board? Here in Alberta we have an apprenticeship program which probably the highest standard in North America. Although mandatory with the shortage of trained service people less technicians are in training or have their certificate than there should be.

  2. How often do they receive training? If it was more than a year ago they could be seriously behind. No problem your unit is older than that right? Maybe but what about the latest fix for your service issue?

  3. How much experience does your most senior technician have? You may not need the most experienced person on staff but its sure nice know there is someone with the experience to help if it's needed. Not only that if your service provider can't keep qualified professionals or attract them the answer to the question above might give you a little heads up. If you want to follow that one up. Ask "Do you pay competitive wages to your staff?" Hard one to get an honest answer to, but if their staff is always turning over looking for greener pastures, what can you expect from the person who comes to your door?

  4. Is you company factory certified? If you want to get all the warranty on your product make sure you have a factory certified service provider. If you want to get full warranty on any replacement parts make sure you have a factory certified service provider. If you think you may have to get help from the factory you also will want a factory certified service provider. After all the factory has a right to question the word of someone who is not trained or certified to work on their product.

  5. Does the company carry liability insurance? Does the technician? Of course this is worst case. Many companies hire contractors if they don't have insurance, then are you covered? You know, in case the worse happens?

  6. Are your service vehicles stocked with parts for your brand? I'm shocked by how many service vehicles i see with no parts inside. Two trips, twice the inconvenience.

Okay if you have gotten this far you may saying "every good answer is going to cost." Many times I have seen a customer with a bill from a provider with a rate structure that should translate to a smaller invoice. Only to see an invoice with much higher cost than we would have billed for the same repair. So we only see the horror stories. After all if the provider does a god job and no problems are encountered then well why call me? So do your homework and get a good job done!