Vantage Appliances Inc.



Technician do list

Do treat your customer, their homes and appliances with respect. Remember, you know how careful you are but unless the customer can see that care they have every right to feel uncomfortable.

Do attend service schools. Keep up to date no mater what your profession is, this should just be a mater course.

Do pay attention to your appearance. We all know first impressions count. So why not start off with a strong impression right from the start.

Do call your technical support personal if you get stuck. No excuses here, your customer is counting on you to get it right why inconvenience anyone where is not necessary. We all know that no matter what our level of experience is, sometimes we need a bit of help.

Do think about the environmental impact of what you do. Recycle everything you can. Capture refrigerants. Yes it costs to do all this and customer never sees the effort it takes, but really can we afford not to?

Do be a mentor if you get the chance. This trade is aging quickly. There is a North America wide shortage of trained skilled professionals in our industry. If we don't get with it and share our expertise our customers will suffer without the skill and experience available to help them.

Do charge a fair price for what you do. That may seem like a sure way to get some grief from some customers. We can't expect them to know how much overhead there is our industry. So yes they are already let down by their appliance, of course they'd rather head out for a nice meal than pay for service. You owe it to yourself, your company and more importantly your customer. After all when your are tried of working for too little who will replace you and provide quality service if there is not enough in it.

Do remember the most important thing you have to do is be there the next time your customer needs you. If your dishonest, careless, not getting reimbursed properly, likely your looking for your way out, or at least a place to hide. Our customers are our income and we owe it to them to step up do the very best we can every time.

Sure more could be added and from time to time perhaps i will add some. For now if we all start with this, our profession, our clients and we will benefit. If you are a technician and reading this i know you care enough to try, maybe even care enough to write your own do list.