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How Long should I keep my older appliance?

Nothing lasts forever right? Is this the time to replace your older unit? Based on your experience what would you do? Here is one piece of advice I really struggle to give. Easy for me say I'd fix it. That's what my own personal bias tells me to do. Bias that is based on two things. One I make my living from repair work. Two I don't think we can afford to keep throwing things out, especially large things like appliances. So I am biased.

 Putting my obvious biases aside here are a few of things i talk about to help my customers decide fix or replace.

   1. Are the parts generally available? If they are, good. If they are not, then if you make this repair will you be able to make the next repair? If you believe the life of repair is say 7 to 10 years and you get 2 years and then have a repair you can't get parts for, you probably haven't got good value on the first repair. (just a quick plug for Sub-Zero here. I have never been stuck for a functional part not even on a twenty five year plus fridge. Now that's backing up a product!)

   2. Is the cost of the repair more than half the price of a new one? It still may be an okay decision to complete the repair. Certainly if you feel, as I do, that we are throwing out to much. Having said that what happens if in a year two you get hit with another major repair bill are you going to be tempted to say "No way I just spent as much as a new machine on two repairs'' if you decide to chuck it at that point you have not gotten value for your first repair. (another plug for Sub-Zero Wolf products. Based on our figures the average repair bill less than five percent of it's replacement cost). Again great value for your repair dollar.

Of course every situation is different for example is it a built in appliance? Do you get to start that renovation you have been putting off? Or are you not ready for that and want to keep going for five or ten more years. If you ask me I’d probably say 'if it was mine I’d fix it. But remember I am biased.