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A few words from our customers

Customer (edited to protect our customers privacy) called to say how exceptionally pleased he was with the service he received today from Vantage Appliance. He stated the technician arrived within a half hour of his original call, diagnosed a sealed system issue quickly and effectively, repaired the unit within 2 hours for a very reasonable price. The customer said he is the kind of person who will speak up if he has a problem, but also when he is impressed. Today he was VERY impressed. Unfortunately, he did not know the technician’s name, but way to go Vantage!

Customer Care Representative Sub-Zero Inc. / Wolf Appliance Inc. 1-800-222-7820 Fax : 608-441-5887 /



Thanks for your fine efforts yesterday. We appreciate the high quality work you did and the fact that you had all the parts and equipment on hand to complete the job with just one visit. I was also glad to see your vehicle climbed our icy hill without trouble.

Regards, Jim

Thanks Doug,

The fridge seems to be working fine. Glad we got in touch with you and your company.


We received the following message from (edited to protect customers privacy) sn (edited to protect customers privacy), after we offered assistance with his diagnosis. Thank you to Vantage for helping turn around this customer’s opinion of our products and service! Sub-zero Customer Care Email Team,

I want to thank you for your follow-up and for sending our contact information onto Vantage Appliance Inc. (Calgary Alberta) They were very prompt in contacting us to arrange for an appointment with one of their technicians. The technician arrived at the said time, he was very professional and informative. He was here about 2 hrs. And he fixed our fridge. I had assumed the cost would be about $500-$700. I was absolutely shocked when he said that the repair was paid for by the factory. Sub-Zero has gone way beyond our expectations. We cannot thank you enough but will attempt to...Thank you very much. Your service is greatly appreciated. We would also like to extend our gratitude to Vantage Appliance Inc. They have always acted with excellent professionalism and their technicians also deserve a big thank you.

Kindest regards,

Appliance service specialists!


From the day one we endeavored to create an appliance service company who delivered quality service and parts for a  few appliance brands. The brands we choose were Sub-Zero, Wolf, Asko, Perlick, LaCornue. So were are you home for Wolf service in Calgary and area. We also are your home for Sub-Zero service in Calgary and area, as well we offer Asko parts and service. 


Calgary and area provides a significant challenge to deliver a prompt, knowledge based service to a wide range of discerning customers. We knew that in order to deliver on our promises we would only be able to service a select few brands. If you are the lucky owner of an Asko, Perlick, Sub-Zero, Wolf or LaCornue product and live in the Calgary area, welcome your in the right place!


Our Mission

Experience You Can Trust Your Asko, Perlick, Sub-Zero  Wolf or LaCornue Appliance to.

We are backed by over forty plus years of appliance service experience. Experience and dedication we pass on every day, every chance we get. While many in our industry come to us for support and our knowledge, we know we will never have seen it all so we are quick to seek guidance from other industry experts when the occasion calls for it.


02. Dedicated and Loyal Employees. 

Vantage Appliances Inc. knows that the service industry provides significant challenges for all it's employees. Satisfaction is defined by our customers expectations any gap between expectation and availability of a service is a disappointment for both our employees and our customers. We do our best to minimize gaps and support our staff with a calm, friendly inclusive envoirment. We support our employees goals as we encourage them to support, as much as they able, our customers goals.


03. We Treat Your Home Your Appliance with Respect

It is likely that for most of us, our homes say the most about us. We take pride in them. We expect those we invite in to respect our homes and our privacy. Our service staff cover all working surfaces. Clean up after themselves. We expect them to take more care in your home than they would in there own.

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